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I remember when I came across Kam’s work on Instagram for the first time I was mesmerized. She paints grass like it’s dancing. The motion is unmistakable and a true signature of her paintings, yet she has all the precision and delicacy of a principal ballet dancer. While blur often indicates motion, it’s the sharpness of the landscape against the haze of the sky that does it in Kam’s watercolors.

Kam was producing weekly drops of a handful of pieces and released them on Fridays to her quickly growing fan base. It took me several weeks of effort, but eventually I ordered a Kamaria Pryce original. SO worth the wait. After a quick ship over seas it arrived neatly packaged and ready to frame. I knew I’d want to hang it somewhere that I’d walk by frequently in our home. It ended up in our entry way at the foot of the stairs and it greets me every morning and readily puts a smile on my face.

| ‘Come, Dwell Here’ an original painting by Kamaria Pryce, photography by Alex Davidson |

The piece is called ‘Come, Dwell Here’, which also happens to be the ideal message for an entryway. It serves both a sign of beauty and welcome. Now I could go on an on about Kam’s talent, but you’re here because you want to hear from Kam! She shares her art often on social media, but I hope with this quick Q&A you’ll get to know her better and understand what drives her to do what she does.

And now for the Q&A:

  1. What inspired you to launch your painting business? I first started painting after my first daughter was born 6 years ago as I didn’t want to go back to my job. I prayed about what I should do and felt led to pursue art, although it looked a lot different to what it looks like now!
  2. What is something that your followers and customers seem to be surprised to find out about you? I’m not sure actually, I’m not overly open about my personal life but one thing I have sharing more about is that I am a Christian. God and my art go hand in hand, so I felt I needed to highlight that part of my life.
  3. How do you find community in the small business world among peers? Generally I’m finding it supportive, inspiring and insightful. I’m learning to put boundaries in place, and to only take in what is beneficial. There is so much information and competition out there, I want to make sure that I stay in my lane.
  4. Can you describe a challenge that you faced with your business? How did you work creatively to solve it? I can confidently say that everything has been a challenge since April/May last year! There have been many learning curves and I’m sure there will be more to come! One thing I have learnt is to make the time to rest and prioritise my priorities. God and family will always come first, so if they start to fall down the ladder, I know I need to change the order.
  5. What can we look forward to seeing from you in 2021? Any hints? I have so many ideas, but to start with there will definitely be abstracts, more landscapes and prints!

  1. What’s your favorite room in your house? My favourite room aesthetically is my lounge. I love the neutral colours and pieces from small businesses I’ve purchased from. My favourite room to be still in is my bedroom. There have been personal battles fought there, so it’s a special space for me.
  2. What does a typical day look like for you at the moment? A typical day for me at the moment is being Mama to my girls (aged 2 and 6 years) My youngest goes to nursery two days a week and my eldest goes to school. Currently I have my eldest with me as her school is closed because of COVID – 19. It’s all go, but I’m very thankful for my family.
  3. What hobby/ies are you enjoying through COVID-19? My hobbies outside of painting are pretty non – existent to be honest! With my girls and my husband, it’s hard to find the time. I love singing though, so that holds a deep place in my heart.
  4. How do you intentionally create memories with loved ones? Making a choice to be present when I’m with friends or family, it can be so easy to take these moments for granted. I love to take quick snaps of my girls when they’re playing together and then of course look through all the photos when they’re asleep!
  5. What’s your favorite emoji? 💜 and 😊

This or That (tweak the answer you pick if it’s not quite right)
  • Read a book OR Listen to a playlist
  • Keep your style classic OR Let your style evolve
  • Go on an adventure OR Stay in and relax
  • Rewatch favorites OR Search for a new show
  • Flats OR Heels
  • The more the merrier OR More fun with fewer
  • Cleaning is my love language OR Cleaning is my nightmare
  • Here for Humor OR Please be serious A bit of both!

🔥Rapid Fire 🔥
  • Recent read: The Bible!
  • Favorite garment of the season: Cardigans and jumpers
  • Quote to live by: I don’t have one!
  • You’ll never see me______: Wearing something really bright
  • Amp song: I have too many songs I love
  • Favorite painting tool(s): More of a material, I love handmade paper

| ‘Come, Dwell Here’ an original painting by Kamaria Pryce, photography by Alex Davidson |

I have been looking forward to putting this sweet interview in front of you– I so hope that you enjoyed it! Now go give Kam a follow on Instagram so that you can continue to see her work and be inspired by her creativity and passion. And you can bookmark her store, too! If you choose to purchase one of her paintings, let me know! I’d love to see!

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