Favorite Things from 2020

Before I had a a blog of my own, annual Favorite Things posts were some of my very favorites to read by bloggers I followed along with– so I’m especially excited to be putting this list together for you! Each thing I picked I have used, enjoyed, and found to add immense value to my life by solving a problem or just by being inherently delightful. And now, in no particular order, here they are, my Favorite Things of 2020:

  1. Hatch Restore– I cannot believe how cool this alarm clock is. I get to create a personalized sleep routine with sounds, meditations, dimming lights, reading time… it’s just out of this world. I’m going to do a comprehensive review later this month when I talk about my sleep goals for 2021. I also got the Hatch Cloud pillow and after over a decade searching for the perfect pillow and trying all sorts of memory foam brands, this one truly takes the cake.
  2. Taupe Blanquil– I have the 15lbs. weight blanket and it is a dream. I have been reading about weighted blankets and got these ones for both kids. We all have felt a little high strung lately and wanted to test the benefits of these scientifically justified wonders. Again, I’ll say more on these in that upcoming sleep post. Bonus? The removable cover is super soft and easy to take off and put on. Tip: They recommend taking 10% of your body weight and adding a few lbs. I got both kids the 7 lbs. blanket.
  3. Twelve South Stay-Go– If you missed my detailed review on this must-have laptop companion and you have a MacBook, go read that right now. Basically it allows me to connect a bunch of devices to my laptop and keep all cords totally out of sight at my desk. Amazing.
  4. Simply Piano by JoyTunes– This is really more for Zoe than for me, but I cannot recommend it enough. We couldn’t continue in-person piano lessons through the pandemic, so we tried this app just to keep her playing. I had no clue it would lead to several months of unprompted practicing, huge strides in skill, and a growing love for playing. I can’t really speak to how it would go over with someone who has never had any training, but for someone with the basics, it is an absolute blast.
  5. Studio McGee Ottomans– First off, thank you 2020 for bringing us the Studio McGee for Target collaboration. It has rocked my world. The ones I have are currently sold out, but this pattern is available and it’s super cute. We have a set of two that are typically in the family room. They are very well made, so the price is pretty unreal. I also scooped a pair of these lamps  and this olive tree that have been in and out of stock– in now! Keep an eye out for the next drop on January 17th! It’s kinda nutty how quickly the good stuff goes.
  6. Colorblock Parka– I feel like this parka was made for us blue and white lovers to feel like we can just be completely ourselves come snow and hail…literally. In Upstate NY you cannot really mess around with coats that only offer your aesthetic. You need serious warmth and this coat dishes it. You may also want to scoop this pearl mask/sunglasses chain while you’re on the site- I have and love it! Cheers to at least several more months of masking up!
  7. New Favorite Blazer & Jeans– You just can’t beat a solid staple. The price per wear is worth a bit of an investment to get it just right. This blazer is structured and slim cut. I have a bigger chest and sometimes find suiting a little awkward, but this one is super sleek regardless. The jeans are dark and straight and classic and juuust right. And if white jeans are your thing (totally viable year round in my opinion) these are my favs, also from 2020.
  8. Bright Line Eating– This book changed my life. If you told me this would be the year I lost 20lbs… in a pandemic… I would’ve laughed. But here we are and I feel really good. Sugar and flour free since mid July and going strong. Check out my blog post on it here! I’m planning to write a 6 month check-in post mid month!
  9. Aftershockz Aeropex– My parents got me these wireless bone conduction headphones for my birthday in July and they are just the coolest. I can safely wear them running outdoors, or talk on the phone hands-free while still keeping an ear out for virtual learning kiddos in the other room. My favorite part? They sound great AND stay on. If you ever find that in ear headphone shift around or fall out, you will especially appreciate this design.
  10. White Gauche– When I signed up to take a watercolor painting class with Mer Hanson I took a look at the supplies list and realized it would be my first experience adding in gauche. Now I am so excited to have it in my tool box, especially for snow and highlighting! If you’re not familiar, gauche is opaque and can be painted directly over dried watercolor. It’s always fun to up-level a hobby! You can see a full list of my fav painting supplies here and read about how I got started here.
  11. Carols’ Daughter Conditioner– I have been on a quest for curly hair products for Zoe for all 8 years of her life. Her hair is incredibly thick and curly. Mine? Just a little wavy and middle of the road thickness. Without any curly hair experience, I just tried one line after another until I finally came upon this brand. It works so well for her, but shockingly, it works well for my hair, too! I’m a huuuuuge fan. The conditioner is our fav, but we both use the whole like. The shampoo and leave-in conditioner spray and shine oil are in our bathroom cabinets for keeps. Oh, and it smells like heaven. HEAVEN.
  12. Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask– This stuff is bananas. I will forewarn you. It is addictive. I have never actually used a mask the recommended 2-3x per week until this one. I literally countdown the days in between applications. There really is only one word that aptly describes how it feels… satisfying. It pulls out allll the stuff and you can see it working.
  13. navyBLEU Cashmere Sweater– I just published a post on the shop owner, Erin, and included a review of this sweater. You’ll be seeing a lot of it through the seasons on my Instagram feed because it works for so many scenarios. An instant classic.
  14. Haverhill Birthstone Necklaces– You may have seen my recent Instagram post about these necklaces that I wear together daily. The 4 birthstone necklace represents Dan, the kids, and me- our sweet little family that I adore beyond reason. The 6 birthstones below represent my parents and grandparents- my history and my beginning. They bring me so much joy and the quality is entirely evident. Lovely, right? And I have a code for you: ‘KATE15’ for 15% off your purchase. Yay!
  15. Kam’s Original Art– I love finding new-to-me artists on Instagram and adding pieces to our home. This one just totally takes the cake. I tried for several weeks to get a piece during her weekly Friday launches and when I finally got one it felt meant to be. It’s hung in our entryway and right in our sightline as we walk down our stairs each morning. Keep an eye out because I’ll be having Kat on the Inspiration Spotlight series this month so you can learn more about her!



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