• Q&A with Caeresa Richardson

    | All Images from Caeresa Richardson unless otherwise noted | I remember walking into Gypsy Freedom for the first time on a snowy day a few months ...

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    Q&A with Caeresa Richardson
  • Q&A with Kamaria Pryce

    | All Images from Kamaria Pryce unless otherwise noted | I remember when I came across Kam's work on Instagram for the first time I was mesmerized. ...

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    Q&A with Kamaria Pryce
  • Favorite Things from 2020

    Before I had a a blog of my own, annual Favorite Things posts were some of my very favorites to read by bloggers I followed along with-- so I'm ...

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    Favorite Things from 2020
  • Top Ten Books of 2020

    I put up a poll on Instagram stories to see if you would rather see a top 5 or a top 10 favorite books of 2020, and there was a clear preference for a ...

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    Top Ten Books of 2020
  • Shop Navy Bleu

    | Image from NavyBLEU | I remember stumbling upon navyBLEU on Instagram about a year and a half ago and thinking, "No WAY! An entire store dedicated ...

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    Shop Navy Bleu